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Stirlingshire Craft Beer Map

Stirlingshire Craft Beer Map

In a country where passion for craft brewing overflows year after year, Stirlingshire claims one of the highest densities of microbreweries. In our environs, folk love craft beer. Not just the golden liquid trickling into our stomachs (and the ensuing giggles of flavourful pleasure), but the loving process behind its production and the culture it has given rise to.

Craft beer and ale is the result of creative independent thinking, of doing things your own way and nailing it. It’s no surprise young Scots have acquired a taste for this stuff and business is booming – this spirit is infectious. Scotland is now also welcoming craft beer tourists in pursuit of its prodigious craft beer map, so we thought we’d flaunt the eight bright pins on our territory. Here they are!


Fallen Brewing (20-minute drive)

This quirky outlet is housed in what once was Kippen Railway Station. Located at the foot of the Fintry Hills, it dons ample views of the rural heart of Stirlingshire – from the Forth Valley to the mountains of the southwest Highlands. Bold flavours and new world hops combine into delicious, lip-licking beers at Fallen Brewing.

Makers of:

  • Local Motive
  • Just The Ticket
  • New World Odyssey
  • Dragonfly
  • Blackhouse
  • Grapevine
  • Chew Chew
  • Platform C

Black Wolf Brewery (24-minute drive)

An award-winning brewery standing proudly in the centre of Stirlingshire’s pedigree for craft beer. Glistening water provides the right base for a number of Far East exports and exotic premium beers at Black Wolf Brewery.

Makers of:

  • Rok IPA
  • Big Red
  • Tundra Wheat Beer
  • Florida Black Wild Oat Stout
  • Gold Digger
  • Coulls Craft Lager
  • Nevis IPA
  • Glencoe Wild Oat Stout
  • Lomond Gold
  • William Wallace 80/- Export
  • Valente's Double Espresso Beer
  • 1488 Whisky Beer


Williams Bros Brewing (26-minute drive)

The brothers behind this enterprise have been creating unique and historic beers since 1988 and watching the fruits of their labour flower (quite literally!). Williams Bros Brewing are the inventors of original, native craft beer ‘Fraoch’ Heather Ale, which blends in local heather flowers for a floral twist. This ale has been brewed in Scotland since 200 BC!

Makers of:

  • Fraoch Heather Ale
  • Grozet Gooseberry Ale
  • Kelpie Seaweed Ale
  • Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale
  • Alba Scottish Pine Ale
  • Joker IPA
  • Caesar Augustus Lager/IPA Hybrid
  • Seven Giraffes Extraordinary IPA
  • Birds & Bees Golden Summer Ale
  • Pavlov’s Dog Well-conditioned Red Ale
  • March of the Penguins
  • Midnight Sun Rich
  • Dark & Spicy Porter
  • Smooth Creamy Stout
  • Good Times
  • Redact Red Lager
  • Paradigm Shift Enhanced Red Ale
  • Impale IPA Impishly Hoppy Ale
  • Profanity Stout
  • Ceilidh 90/- Premium Scottish Lager
  • Nollaig Festive Spruce Beer
  • Perfect Storm IPA

Harviestoun Brewery (26-minute drive)

Harviestoun Brewery is the home of the Champion Beer of Britain – otherwise known as the Bitter & Twisted Golden Ale. Masters of aftertaste and purveyors of excellence, the team is committed to refining its range of products to infinity. Watch them busy at their craft in the tours!

Makers of:

  • Schiehallion Craft Lager
  • Bitter & Twisted Golden Ale
  • Ola Dubh Barrel Aged Beer
  • Broken Dial Amber Ale
  • Old Engine Oil Black Ale
  • Harviestoun IPA
  • The Ridge IPA
  • Engineer’s Reserve Blackest Ale


Tryst Brewery (26-minute drive)

An indie family brewery focusing on cask-conditioned real ales and bottle-conditioned beers and beer kegs, Tryst Brewery is another star forging its own route into people’s palates. Alongside the core selection of beers, you’ll find porters, hop trails and special brews. A true tryst for craft brewing enthusiasts!

Makers of:

  • Raj IPA
  • Brockville Dark
  • Brockville Pale
  • Drovers 80/-
  • Carronade
  • Blathan
  • Amarillo
  • EKG
  • German Golden Pilsner
  • High Voltage
  • Springbock
  • Peach Pale Ale
  • Chocolate & Coconut Porter
  • Double Chocolate Porter
  • Lade Inn

Hybrid Brewing (26-minute drive)

Real ale in casks, craft beer in kegs and bottles, split into an 8 and a 2.5 brewers barrel plant. Welcome to Hybrid Brewing! This microbrewery allows its team to brew two different beers at the same time, melding classic and contemporary styles.

Makers of:

  • Hippy Chick American Blonde Ale
  • Street Legal American Pale Ale
  • Apex Extra Pale Ale
  • Hindsight Minstrel Hopped Session Ale
  • Magic Porridge Oatmeal Stout


Lawman Brewing Company (28-minute drive)

One of Scotland’s smallest breweries in size with an inspiring story: Lawman Brewing Company was born in a corner of Craig Laurie’s flat in 2014. From barrel-aged stouts to pilsner lagers, Craig’s offerings just get better with age.

Makers of:

  • Pixel Bandit Session Ale
  • Weatherall IPA
  • Onyx Stout
  • Horizon American Pale Ale
  • Mr. Beast Pale Ale
  • Spectre Pils
  • Obsidian Imperial Stout
  • Scoosh IPA

Kinneil Brew Hoose (30-minute drive)

Everything is perfectly miniature at Kinneil Brew Hoose. The microbrewery produces small batches of high-quality craft beer, with limited edition brews occasionally making their way into the menu. Tour the building with Stuart, brewer extraordinaire, and learn his method to making some of the finest Scottish ales.

Makers of:

  • Kincardine Sunset
  • Caer Edin Dark Ale
  • Pennvael Amber Ale
  • Katie Wearie's Lithca Pale Ale
  • Corbieha' Pale Ale
  • Wayfinder Pale Ale
  • Wonderful Jake 60/- Ale
  • Yill Pale Ale


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