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Bring the Battle of Bannockburn to Life

Bring the Battle of Bannockburn to Life

June 1314 marked the year Scottish history would change forever, when Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, would battle Edward II and his English Army.

Eager to regain control of his garrison at Stirling Castle, Edward marched his huge army to Scotland. If successful, he would reestablish his grip on the country...but the Scots weren’t going to give up without a fight...

The Bannockburn Experience

How was the battle won?

  • Over the two-day battle, Edward’s army was often trapped by the Scottish terrain. The Scots sabotaged the roads in the weeks preceding the battle, weakening the English Army’s force from the start. The Sots also chose their camp carefully, the marshy land meant the English couldn’t advance with their vast numbers.
  • Robert the Bruce was an inspiration to his people with years of experience and skill in leadership. Edward II was an unpopular king and inexperienced in war. He struggled to keep his own men in line, never mind the Scots.
  • It was thought by Edward’s army that armed men and cavalry won battles, however, this was not always the case. At Bannockburn, the Scots used spears and bows, and were able to defeat the charges of men-at-arms.
  • Edward II’s horse was killed during the fighting, but rather than command from foot or find a new horse, the king fled. Seeing their leader panic began the demise of the English army and led to the Scots’ victory.


Experience Your Own Bannockburn

More than 700 years after the bloody battle took place, see how your very own army would fare in the same battle as you strategize with your team to defeat your opponents. Led by an expert Battlemaster, The Bannockburn Experience interactive simulation allows you to take command of knights and soldiers on a virtual battlefield.

  • Explore stories of the battle
  • Get up close to replicas of medieval armour and weapons 
  • 3D technology puts you in the battlefield, at the centre of the action

Chainmail Gloves

Warrior Rewards

It’s not easy fighting a historic battle in just a few hours. Luckily, The Bannockburn Experience is just minutes from DoubleTree Dunblane where you can retreat to celebrate or commiserate your battle simulation results.

Just as the Scots knew to strategize ahead of time to ensure their victory, planning ahead still reaps rewards today! Book your trip to Dunblane 15 days or more in advance and receive our lowest rate with our Book Early Save Big offer. Enjoy dinner in The Kailyard, unlimited breakfast each morning, and soothe battle-weary bones in our LivingWell Health Club with heated pool, sauna, and steam room.

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