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A Frightfully Fantastic Halloween Party

A Frightfully Fantastic Halloween Party

Horrified at the idea of throwing a Halloween party? Don’t be afraid—we’ve made a list of everything you’ll need for a frightfully fabulous event. Whether it’s with friends, family or children, you’re sure to have a total blast!

Set The Scene

Get yourself to Poundland or Primark and load up on cheap and cheerful decorations: fake spiders, cobwebs, paper bats, candles, jack-o'-lanterns and balloons. Fairy lights and metallic decorations add a magical touch, while LED candles can be strategically placed to create a warm ambience. First impressions are key so make sure you have a horror-inspired playlist or Halloween film playing when your guests arrive.


Creative Costumes

The usual wicked witch and vampire ensemble can be such a drag, so try something a little more creative and on-trend. If your guests haven't chosen theirs already, team up and do some costume duos! We’d recommend superheroes so think along the lines of Batman, Superman and The Avengers! Or if you’re more into Sci-Fi, Star Wars or Ghostbusters are great for group costumes. Even if you’re not having a costume party, it’s always fun to have a few extra dress-up items lying around. Set out some wigs, masks, hats, capes, plastic fangs, tiaras, feather boas —whatever suits your fancy—and let your guests get creative.

Halloween costumes

Ghoulish Games

It’s tricky finding games suitable for both adults and children but we did it! We love bobbing for apples as much as the next person but it’s time to reinvent traditional Halloween games. Check these out: 

Frankenstein Bowling: Paint faces on plastic bottles, stack them in the usual bowling pin arrangement, and use apples or oranges to knock them down!

Beastly Bingo: Print off Halloween bingo cards (there are loads of free templates on the internet) and use colourful sweets or beastly figurines as markers!

Bobbing for Doughnuts: Let’s be honest – we all prefer a sugary-sweet doughnut to an apple, so string some up from the ceiling and let guests go wild. It’s more fun if the doughnuts are covered in black or orange icing!

Terrifying Taste Test: Raid your fridge and cupboards for some slimy, squishy and crunchy food. Blindfold the victims (oops, we mean volunteers) and spoonfeed them a mouthful of the unknown substance. If they guess the food correctly, give them a prize!

Poppin' Pumpkins:Blow up some orange balloons and top with green leaves made from paper. Hide whatever you like in the balloons – sweets, plastic spiders, strawberry jam – and let the kids discover what’s inside…


Fantastical Food

We’re not talking about a three-course meal, simply a few bits and bobs for guests to munch throughout the event. It’s good to have food scattered around the room so people can help themselves.

Set out a few jars of coloured sweets, some bowls of fruit, and a few small dishes of savoury nuts and crisps. Pumpkin and butternut squash-based recipes go down a treat or rustle up some super-easy sandwiches and buffet food. If you’re making cocktails or non-alcoholic punch, be sure to add some food colouring for extra impact – think blood-red, gruesome green or petrifying purple!

Halloween Food

Whatever you get up to this Halloween, we hope it’s spooktacular! Don’t forget to send us your ideas and photos on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!