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5 Reasons to visit Dunblane

5 Reasons to visit Dunblane

Chances are you’ll have heard by now about the Andy Murray wedding announcement, which has of course led to much attention being thrown the way of Dunblane. But while there’s no denying how Mr Murray is indeed the town’s proudest son, there’s even a golden Post Box here to celebrate his Olympic victory, there’s much more to the area than tales of tennis glory.

With each year, the number of discerning travellers getting their first taste of Dunblane’s unique charm is growing, and fast. As one of those places you simply have to experience to understand, Dunblane’s character is tricky to pinpoint but impossible to deny.

So, if you’re considering making 2015 the year to try Dunblane out for yourself, here’s a quick overview of five attractions to focus on aside from the Andy Murray wedding party:

Stirling Castle

Perhaps the most stirring and striking symbol of Scottish independence isn’t just magnificent, it’s also no more than about 10 minutes by car from the grounds of our Perthshire hotel! A genuinely legendary site that’s seen more than its fair share of epic battles and power struggles, you’ll be recreating the steps of Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and of course, Mary Queen of Scots.

Wallace Monument

Speaking of Mr Wallace, you simply must take the time to head out to the Wallace Monument, which is again no more than about 10 minutes away by car. Just on the outskirts of Stirling, the Monument sits high above a stunning valley and delivers some of the most enchanting panoramas you’re likely to see anywhere on earth…literally! What’s more, you’ll find yourself transported right into the story of the real Braveheart – get ready to learn a lesson or two!

Drummond Castle Gardens

One of the most genuinely unmissable sights in the spring months in particular, Drummond Castle Gardens exist today in almost the exact same guise as when first brought to the world in the Victorian era. With the stunning fairy-tale castle in the background, time your visit with the best of the Scottish weather and you’re in for a truly inspiring day out.

The Falkirk Wheel

Taking a bold shift from the historic to the ultra-modern now, it’s absolutely worth heading out to see the Falkirk Wheel in person. The first of its kind and a genuine marvel of modern engineering, the rotating boat lift is essentially an ultra-modern and uniquely capable alternative to the classic canal lock system, used to transport boats from a lower or higher body of water to water on a different level. Rest assured you’ve never seen anything like this in your life and the sheer scale of the thing will blow you away.

Dunblane Cathedral

Last but by no means least, a trip to Dunblane is not complete without ample time being dedicated to really soaking up the glory of the Cathedral. With a history dating back to the 13th century it remains one of the finest examples of a Cathedral in the whole of Scotland – impressive stuff considering that for over 300 years it didn’t even have a roof!

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